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$89.00 Boxes include: Mezzaluna Studio A custom designed tea towel by one of our favourite local designers, Vikki Wiercinski. Mezzaluna Studio is a Canadian textiles and stationery line as well as design studio that crafts commissioned custom work. Vikki designed the colourful and fun mural at Culina on the Lake in the Pavillion at Hawrelak Park. Colleen's Chocolates Exclusively at Culina To Go! Saskatoon Maple Berry Crunch Bars (vegan and gf). Colleen makes her own Saskatoon berry fruit leather for these extra special chocolate treats. Culina Three Sisters Relish Many a legend has been woven around the Three Sisters: corn, beans and squash. Sisters should be planted together, eaten together and celebrated together. Known as the "sustainers of life" these are the basic foods of sustenance. They grow in the same mound in a garden. The corn provides a ladder for the bean vine. The squash vines shade the mound and hold moisture in the soil for the corn and beans. This relish is Brad's take on Piccalilli Chow Chow. Untamed Feast Chaga Tea - a dark, nourishing supertea. Chaga is a conk that grows mainly on birch trees and is revered for its antioxidant power. A great substitute for your coffee or sugar cravings. Recipe for Chaga Tea: In a slow cooker (or stovetop on very low heat), add 1-3 chunks per 1 litre of water. Steep on low heat for 6 hours or more. Brew should be very dark. Enjoy! Preserved Foods Boutique Saskatoon Berry Gin Jam. Adding a touch of gin to this jam makes the berries sparkle. The natural almond aromas of the berries really come through. This jam is just as good in savoury application as it is in sweet ones. Pair it with Bison, cheese and charcuterie. Mix it with balsamic vinegar to glaze root veggies. Slather it on french toast, or mix it with Eau Claire Gin and soda for a quick cocktail. Tomahawk Chips Friendchips! 100% Canadian and Aboriginal owned and operated. Native Canadian Chip Corporation supports local community youth initiatives. Sgambaros Signature Seafood Atlantic Salmon Jerky is a well flavoured, peppery jerky that pairs well with a cold lager. The perfect snafck for a hike or picnic. Culina Fry Bread Mix Brad's recipe for fry bread with sage and dried blueberries, just add water or milk. Delicious served with jam or honey. Naked Canuck Farms A sweet little beehive skep candle with the scent of honey as well as a tube of natural beeswax lip balm. Made in Spruce Grove, AB. Birch Bark Coffee Organic, Fair Trade coffee that is SPP certified, grown and produced by farmers that are Indigenous descendants.
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