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Welcome to the Culina To Go Online Catering Store.


You can now order your favorite Culina To Go main dishes, sides, salads, and dips to go! Mains and sides will be served up in our casserole roasting pots to be warmed up with no wasted packaging. 

Ideal for groups of 20 or less, the Culina To Go Online Catering Store is the place to order healthy, locally sourced and skillfully prepared food to serve in your home for friends and family. 

Our roasting pots require no deposit, we just kindly ask that you return them within a few days after your meal. Also, please inform us of any allergies or dietary considerations on our order confirmation page.

Please note that all orders require 72 hours notice before pick-up.   

(All items are per person with a minimum of 4 servings per order.)

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 Beef         Chicken       Irvings Farm Pork

     Fish and Seafood     Lamb     Vegetarian

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         "Three Sisters"      "Lazarenko"     "The Lazy Olive"     

  "Around the World"

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       House Salad      Suey Choy Salad     Three Sisters Salad

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-The Culina Family of Restaurants-

Bon Appetit!

For larger parties that require full service, our renowned Culina Catering team can help you prepare an amazing event, wedding or gathering for up to 300 people. Please inquire for Culina Catering below and our Catering Manager Wade Mitchell will follow up within 48 hours. 

Culina Full Service Catering

Mains (Beef)

Mains (Chicken)

Mains (Irvings Farm Pork)

Mains (Lamb)

Mains (Fish and Seafood)

Mains (Vegetarian)

"Three Sisters" Sides

"Lazarenko" Sides

"The Lazy Olive" Sides

"Around The World" Sides



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